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    Service, Repair & Replacement

    OHMIC RESISTORS services, repairs and replaces current and legacy products of its own and other manufacture depending on the condition of products and their assessed service life. The range includes power resistance grids for a multitude of applications, associated electrical and pneumatic contactors, DC crane control components and systems. Ohmic Resistors also manufactures custom made flexible and solid formed copper conductors.


    Power Resistance Grids


    OHMIC RESISTORS provides a repair or replacement service for all types of resistor assemblies from 2 Amperes to 10,000 Amperes, air natural or force air cooled, short time or continuously rated. We analyse the reasons for power resistance grid failures and in instances propose a redesign to extend service life. If resistance grids of our own or other manufacture utilising cast iron or other resistive materials cannot be repaired we can replace them with more robust and durable stainless steel resistance grids with lower temperature coefficients. Applications include dynamic braking resistors for rail traction and heavy duty trucks, motor control, conveyor drives, VFVV drives, load banks, neutral earthing/grounding resistors and many kindred applications.

    Repair/replace Power Resistors

    Rail dynamic braking resistor

    Faulty module

    Replacement module

    Truck dynamic braking resistor

    Failed module (section)

    Replacement module

    DC Crane control resistor bank

    To be refurbished


    Special Resistor



    Repair: Pneumatically actuated contactors

    Repair: DC Contactors

    Repair/replace DC Crane control components

    Custom made and solid formed copper conductors

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