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Ohmic Controls

Local Manufacture

Power Resistance Grids

Our Power Resistance Grids have been developed over a period of seventy years and are available in many different configurations of strip, plate and coil types covering a wide field of applications from small helical coil resistors through punched plate and solid plate configurations.  Power Resistor Grids can be supplied for installation in open format or for installation in housings supplied by customers. OHMIC RESISTORS can also supply Resistance Grids installed in a housing for either indoor or outdoor use. Housing can be made from galvanized steel, aluminium, or stainless steel with finishes to suit customer requirements. Housings are available for cyclonic, tropical and earthquake prone environments. OHMIC RESISTORS resistance grids are supplied with a variety of active resistive materials with the preponderance of manufacture using high resistivity, low temperature co-efficient, stainless steel stocked in a variety of plate thicknesses selected for individual applications. Insulation systems use high temperature composite insulators, alumina ceramic, ceramic and mica composite selected to withstand short time and continuous high temperatures.  Our computer aided design and test facilities enable us complement our range of standard Resistance Grids with designs to suit client specifications.

DC Crane Control

OHMIC RESISTORS DC crane control systems are available in open or enclosed assemblies together with a range of components and resistance grids to enable the supply of a complete operating system or after sales components. Components include Whole Current Limit switches, Rotating Cam Limit Switches, Reversing Cam Master Controllers,  Contactors and Relays.

Magnetic Drum Brakes

The OHMIC RESISTORS, Australian made, Type NS Magnetic Drum Brake is a spring applied A.C. brake, compact in design, suitable for continuous duty, and suitable for connection to any A.C. supply up to 500 Volts 25 to 60 Hz.

AC Solenoid Plungers

For operations where a comparatively strong force needs to be applied through a relatively short distance, the OHMIC RESISTORS Solenoids are ideal. Valves, clutches and brakes are typical units to which these solenoids are particularly suited, automatic operation being simple to arrange if required.

Fuse switches

‘Century’ 440 Volt Combination Fuse Switches for vertical mounting in front connected cubicle type or segregated switchboards

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