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Ohmic Controls

Magnetic Drum Brake

The OHMIC RESISTORS, Australian made, Type NS Magnetic Drum Brake is a spring applied A.C. brake, compact in design, suitable for continuous duty, and suitable for connection to any A.C. supply up to 500 Volts 25 to 60 Hz.
The brake is manufactured in three sizes to suit 4″, 5.½” and 7″ brake drum diameter and provides a torque of up to 13.5, 34 and 68 N-m respectively.



    • Long life construction. 

    • Spring applied – electrically released.

    • Woven linings bonded to malleable cast iron brake shoes.

    • The braking torque is controlled by a compression spring and remains constant for each re-setting for wear.

    • Two simple adjustments – shoe clearance and lining wear.



OHMIC RESISTORS Type NS Magnetic Drum Brakes can be used on machine tools, conveyors, roller doors, long travel and cross traverse of cranes and similar applications where a dependable brake is required.
In the majority of applications, the brake is fitted to an extended shaft of the motor. Where this mounting is not possible, the brake may be applied to an immediate shaft of the transmission system.

For more details, please refer to the Technical Datasheet.