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Ohmic Controls

Dynamic Braking Resistors / Speed Inverters


At OHMIC RESISTORS, we manufacture Dynamic Braking Resistors with thermal ratings to suit customer requirements within resistor design criteria. Designs may be air natural or force air cooled. The purpose of a dynamic braking resistor is, when inserted into a motor or VFVV drive circuit, to slow down an electric motor and upstream equipment by converting kinetic energy into heat. The design of dynamic braking resistors depends on cyclic ratings of given systems, for example electric locomotives or mill drives.


Dynamic braking resistors for rail electric multiple units (EMU), locomotives and heavy duty trucks

These types of dynamic breaking resistances can be air natural or forced air cooled.

The Dynamic Braking Resistors manufactured at OHMIC RESISTORS are used in various local and Inter city express trains.
In dynamic train braking, the kinetic energy of the train is transformed into electric current at the traction motors of the locomotive.