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Ohmic Controls




For operations where a comparatively strong force needs to be applied through a relatively short distance, the Ohmic Resistors Solenoids are ideal. Valves, clutches and brakes are typical units to which these solenoids are particularly suited, automatic operation being simple to arrange if required.


•31.75mm Maximum stroke

•2.72Kg, 4.52Kg and 5.9Kg maximum pull

•For voltages to 600V, 25 to 60Hz.



Solenoid Brake Plunger


The “C”, “D” and “E” types are all of similar construction and identical in length and height, the width of the magnet pack being the only variation. Essential components are the square laminated magnet pack, the coil and the laminated plunger which operates through a guide in the centre of the coil, thus forming the middle leg.
Attachment to the plunger is made by means of a hardened steel pin which passes through hardened bushes in the extended side plates of the plunger. In types “C” and “D” the coil is wound on a two-section Bakelite bobbin; a taped coil is used in type “E”. In all three types, the coil is fixed by means of the plunge guides and spring clips, this method enables easy removal and ensures positive positioning.
Coils can be supplied for all standard voltages up to 600, at frequencies from 25 to 60Hz. All coils will give positive operation at 85% normal voltage, and will withstand 110% indefinitely without over heating.
A robust sheet cover, with conduit entries, is supplied for protection of coil terminals.