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    Quality Assurance


    Our objective

    OHMIC RESISTORS takes quality assurance seriously, bound by the intent to have zero returns based on product quality out of our door, whether products are within our manufacturing range or imported. We are guided by ISO9001, our in-house quality system commences from receipt of tender or quotation documents or an order. We analyze content and confirm our capacity to tender for equipment or supply to order quantitatively and qualitatively within required manufacturing cycle times. Variances are drawn to customer attention and resolved before an order is accepted and uploaded into our manufacturing enterprise resource planning software. Our manufacturing approach provides for repetition of production outcomes over time with repeat orders and ensures traceability within our real time and backup computer hardware and software protocols.

    Custom built and standard product design

    The bulk of our manufacturing falls within the ambit of custom built against customer specification. We do have standard products for which component lists, associated drawings and bills of materials are stored electronically. With custom built products, by example neutral earthing resistors or rotor resistance starters, we have basic building blocks drawn together with Autodesk AutocadĀ®, InventorĀ® or Bentley MicroStation, two and three dimensional modelling to meet customer data requirements and our own component, sub-assembly and final assembly manufacturing supply chain.

    Computerized resistance grid design

    We have electronic data for our range of resistor grid designs based on continuous and short time current ratings for each grid type in single configuration and for multiple stacking. This tool enables us to be able to manipulate configurations within volumetric parameters imposed on us by customer needs and provide for optimized cost outcomes.

    Typical resistance grid plate current/time characteristics

    Typical modelling for parallel motor drive rotor resistance starter

    Test equipment

    OHMIC RESISTORS in-house independently certified test equipment provides us with the ability to measure current, voltage, resistance, impedance, insulation resistance temperature rise and air flow and conduct high potential tests. We also have sophisticated test equipment enabling it to verify new designs and design changes directed to confirm thermal outcomes for cyclic and continuous ratings of resistance grids for many applications. Our internal testing facilities are supplemented by access to external certified laboratories and test stations for independent type testing.


    Rotor control cubicle under type test. 700kVA power supply.



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